Each tutorial page (i.e., screen) is designed to fit its window on your computer monitor, not require any scrolling up or down, and usually presents items on one subject. Like a slide show, it can then be operated using a few buttons. The buttons displayed at the bottom of each screen are as follows:
  • FIRST - takes you to the first screen of the tutorial being viewed
  • PREV - takes you to the previous screen of the tutorial being viewed--or back to the main page of a screen if a "more information" link has been executed; if on the first screen, it takes you to the last screen
  • NEXT - takes you to the next screen of the tutorial being viewed; if on the last screen, it takes you to the first screen
  • MENU - takes you to the first page of the Tutorial Section where a list of all available tutorials is shown
  • EXIT - returns you to the eRaceWalk.com HOME page
  • HELP - displays this screen
A blank button indicates the button in that position has been disabled for this screen.
The FIRST, PREV, NEXT, AND HELP buttons shown below
  have been disabled even though they show as active.
NOTE: These tutorials have been designed to fill the screen but NOT require scrolling. If the scroll bar appears at right, please enlarge this screen to its maximum size by clicking on the center symbol of the "maximize" symbol (illustrated at right) that appears in the top-right corner of this screen.
ALSO: These tutorials are best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher.
                If your resolution is of lower numbers (e.g., 800 x 600), most tutorial screens will overflow the window and scrolling will be required. If your resolution is of higher numbers (e.g., 1280 x 1024), the tutorial screens will not fully fill the window--and may appear a bit distorted.
PRINTING A SCREEN: While each screen is designed to print on a single sheet of paper, setting up your printer to print in landscape (i.e., horizontal) mode will print a larger version of the screen that is more suitable for handing out in a class.
OTHERWISE, click on the MENU or EXIT buttons below.
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