Very often, you can find useful information by monitoring, and participating in, Web-based discussion groups. Several such groups focus on race walking, ultra-distance walking, and marathon walking. I have identified the following groups.
Yahoo Support Groups:
  • Australian Racewalking - For Australian racewalkers and interested parties to freely discuss training, races and any issues that may arise to do with racewalking. To discuss and contact others with the same interest. To assist those who are looking for tips and ideas. To place results of racewalking events from around the country.
  • Irish Race Walkers - Group involved in irish race Walking to share views, ideas, thoughts etc
  • Kiwi Walkers - A friendly discussion and news group for all people interested in competing in walking events, irrespective of ability, and promotes both racewalking and sportwalking.
  • Marathon Walkers - This is a support group for walkers interested in marathon (26.2 miles) and ultra marathon walking. We will share information, advice and support. For all experience levels and walking styles (race walkers, fitness walkers, hikers, etc.) - whether you are planning your first marathon or your 50th.keywords
  • New England Walkers - The New England Walkers (NEW) is organized to promote walking as recreation, as healthful exercise, and as a competitive sport. The New England Walkers conducts clinics, semi-organized training walks, hikes, and races. Our clinics and programs are tailored for the average person. (USA)
  • Racewalking - The Racewalk group discusses racewalking and results of national and international competition. (mainly North Americans)
  • Texas Racewalking - A discussion group for walkers in Texas interested in racewalking for fitness and fun. This is a support group to meet other people, find out about local races, etc. All levels welcome.
  • Ultrawalking - This group is to discuss all aspects of walking long distances, especially in a competition setting. Topics can include training for and racing events such as judged 50K racewalks, Centurion events, 6-8-12-24 hour events, as well as road or trail ultramarathons (done while walking).
  • UK Race Walking
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