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Pictures are often better than a thousand words. No matter what is written, photos can help you understand very small details of technique, or the very large view of an event. I sometimes relax by traveling the world via the Internet, looking at race walking and ultrawalking events, and seeing how the rest of the world operates; one evening in Hong Kong, the island of Tasmania, and Spain; another evening studying the Parish Walk on the Isle of Man. The people sometimes look different, and sometimes speak different languages, but I know what they are doing and enjoy seeing them enjoy themselves.
While many sites have a few photos, some sites devote a lot of space to them. The following sites have large numbers of photos that you might enjoy.
  • Vittorio Visini, Head Coach of the Italian Race Walking Team and former Olympian, has an outstanding (and extensive) collection of current and historical racwalking photos at his multimediavisini.com Web site.
  • Jeff Salvage is a racewalking coach and professional photographer, and has a very good collection of racewalking photos at his Racewalk.com Web site. Click on "Race Photo Stories" in the "Results" pulldown menu. Most of his photos are of the American racewalkers.
  • The Race Walking Record is the official publication of the Race Walking Association, the governing body for race walking in England, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands. Each online issue carries a large number of photos of race walkers participating in scheduled races, and can be seen at www.racewalkingrecord.com.
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