This is an advertising flyer, printed in London, showing the two competitors in a sweepstakes, 6-day match held at Agricultural Hall in Islington (a suburb of London) during April 2-7, 1877. O'Leary walked 520 miles in 140 hours to beat Weston who walked 510 miles in the full 144 hours. About 70,000 people watched the match at some point and O'Leary, an Irishman living in Chicago, took home $14,000 in prize money (about $270,000 in 2007 dollars*).
The text reads: "These celebrated Long Distance Walkers will Meet for the First Time in England, and Contest in a Fair and Legitimate Manner for The Largest Amount of Money ever Walked for in the World ! ! The whole of which has been Deposited in the hands of 'Sporting Life.' Each man will Walk upon a Separate Track--Five Judges from the principal London Newspapers have been Appointed." The text at the very bottom is the name of the flyer's printer.
(Image courtesy of P. S. Marshall. All rights reserved. See page 106 of King of the Peds.)
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