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with audience codes = (B) beginner, (I) intermediate, (A) advanced, (G) general
From Elaine Ward with Enrique Peña and Olympic Athletes - - - - - view details
(Proceeds from sales go to the development of America's Olympians.)
DVD (B-I) - How to Walk Faster - Tips from the Pros
manual (B-I) - Fast Walking Technique & Training
From Elaine Ward - - - - - view details
DVD (B) - Basic Technique of Racewalking
book (B) - Introduction to the Technique of Racewalking
book (B) - Mobility Exercises for Racewalkers
book (B) - Walking Wisdom for Women
book (I-A) - Masters Racewalking <<< Out of Print! >>>
From Jolene Steigerwalt and Elaine Ward - - - - - view details
book and video (B-I) - Dynamic Self-Massage for Fit and Fast Walking
Other Items - - - - - view details
manual - Racewalking Judging
video - Racewalking Judging
video - Athens Olympics - Men's and Women's 20Ks
video - Athens Olympics - Men's 50K plus USA soccer gold medal match

(Proceeds from sales go to the development of America's Olympians.)
DVD (B-I) - HOW TO WALK FASTER - TIPS FROM THE PROS written and directed by Elaine Ward. This DVD features Coach Enrique Peña; Jefferson Perez, 20km gold medal winner at the Atlanta Olympics; the athletes at the ARCO Olympic Training Center; and 12 masters walkers ages 35 - 78. Includes tips on technique, strengthening, flexibility, and training. A great DVD for all levels. The DVD is 34 minutes long.
$19.95 + $2. (CA tax $1.65)
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manual (B-I) - FAST WALKING TECHNIQUE AND TRAINING by Elaine Ward. This manual is a great companion to the video, How to Walk Faster. It is also a great instructional resource by itself. It expands on the information on the video and has many pictures demonstrating the text.
$10.00 + $2 shipping. (CA tax $.83)
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VIDEO + MANUAL: $27.95 + $3 shipping (CA tax: $2.31) --- save $3
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book (B) - INTRODUCTION TO THE TECHNIQUE OF RACEWALKING by Elaine Ward. This easy to use, manual answers the basic questions: How can I learn to racewalk? How can I check if I am teaching myself correctly? A simple, clear technique presentation with how-to photos.
$10 + $2 shipping. (CA tax $.83)
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book (B) - MOBILITY EXERCISES FOR RACEWALKING, With Technique Tips by Elaine Ward with Frank Alongi as consultant. Strength and flexibility lead to better racewalking and faster times.
$10 + $2 shipping. (CA tax $.83)
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DVD (B) - BASIC TECHNIQUE OF RACEWALKING, 32½ minutes of racewalking instruction by Elaine Ward.
$19.95 + $2 shipping. (CA tax $1.65)
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packages including only items shown above
      Book "Introduction to the Technique of Racewalking" and
      Book "Mobility Exercises for Racewalking"
      $16 + $2 shipping (CA tax: $1.32)
      Book "Introduction to the Technique of Racewalking" and
      DVD "Basic Technique of Racewalking"
      $27.95 + $2 shipping (CA tax: $2.31)
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book and video (B) DYNAMIC SELF-MASSAGE FOR FIT AND FAST WALKING by Jolene Steigerwalt and Elaine Ward
Do you want to walk faster, but your body keeps saying "No?" Do stiff, sometimes achy muscles get in your way? Jolene Steigerwalt and Elaine Ward have teamed up to bring you a much needed book and video called Dynamic Self-Massage for Fit and Fast Walking. You learn how to keep your muscles working fully and reliably.
The book explains the primary muscles involved in fast walking. It describes how the wear and tear of repetitive activity can gradually limit flexibility and how to prevent this loss. Many illustrations help you visualize where muscle problems occur and where to treat them.
The video shows Dynamic Self-Massage in action. It shows you how to apply self-massage to meet your personal needs. You are shown many ways of caring for your muscles starting with your arms down to your feet. Some ways are gentle; others are more aggressive. Their variety allows you to discover those that are the most effective for you.
Whether you use Dynamic Self-Massage after exercise for injury prevention or use it to get rid of an existing problem, your muscles will be grateful for the care you give them. You need healthy muscles that perform well to achieve your walking goals. Dynamic Self-Massage offers you a way of nurturing your body so you can walk fit and fast throughout your life.
Jolene Steigerwalt, BSN, RN, CMT: Jolene Steigerwalt is a registered Nurse and Certified Sports Massage Therapist with a specialty in chronic pain and muscle dysfunction. Dynamic Massage is Steigerwalt's personal adaptation of the pioneering work of Dr. Raymond L. Nimmo in Trigger Point Therapy, and of Lauren Berry's Corrective Massage Techniques. She is currently associated with Therapy Care-Resources, the developers of the Graston Technique.
Elaine Ward, PT, Walking Coach: Elaine Ward is the President of the North American Racewalking Foundation, the coach of the Southern Cal Walkers, and the author of many books, videos and newspaper articles on fitness and competitive walking. She is the daughter of an M.D. who applied Raymond Nimmo's trigger point therapy in a medical practice specializing in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis.
Video $18.00 (CA tax $1.65)
Book $12.00 (CA tax $1.24)
Video+Book $30.00 (CA tax $2.64)
Prices includes shipping.
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manual - RACEWALKING JUDGING. "Unofficial" updated rules and procedures.
$4 includes shipping.
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video - RACEWALKING JUDGING. Valuable footage of racewalkers with stop action to show the judging points.
$7 includes shipping.
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video - ATHENS OLYMPICS - MEN's & WOMEN's 20K. approximately 2 hours long.
$25 plus $3 shipping.
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video - ATHENS OLYMPICS - MEN's 50K. approximately 2 hours long plus trailers of highlights of the USA soccer gold medal match, and British summary of all Olympic Events.
$25 plus $3 shipping.
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packages including only items shown above
BOTH VIDEOS OF THE ATHENS OLYMPICS: $50 including shipping
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